19 June 2011

The hospital closest to the fire was in chaos. Wounded people were everywhere along with their cries and desperation. The doctors and nurses were doing the best they could to help everyone, save as many as they could. A girl hurried in the hospital supporting a wounded fireman. It looked strange, a girl as small as she looked like to be able to sustain a man twice her body weight.

'Help!' she cried out. 'You must help him now, he's dyeing!'

She was in the centre of attention and many ran to rescue the fireman that looked indeed more dead than alive. He was covered in blood and burns. They took him in a hurry as the girl watched.

'Can I go with him?' she asked one of the nurses.

'Are you related to him?' said the nurse in a hurry not looking at the girl's face once.

'No, but I'm the one that found him like that.'

'Then you should wait for the police. You might help them with their investigation.'

'All right.' She said but wasn't planning to stick around. It was easy to get out with all the chaos around. She didn't want to look at the others, at the blood and hear the cries and the pain. She hurried out and went back to the burning building. It was no longer bright with fire, now it was grey, smoky and dead. What a horrible scene it was, she thought. What a horrible smell!' She needed to get out of here, she didn't like to be in this place. And so the streets of the crowded city were the best to comfort her.

She walked in the less crowded area's as the night girls were already out for sale and the junkies were wondering around in search for their obsessions. There was sorrow in these people's faces too but much different then the one she had witnessed at the hospital. His face as she saved him. She felt someone hit her shoulder.

'Hey watch out freak!' shouted a man. Now she realized she stood in the middle of the road not moving, just thinking about...him. Was he going to survive? Or perhaps he was dead already? That thought made her shiver. He was so beautiful he didn't deserve to die, not at his age. Was he dead? That question kept on playing in her mind and the only answer was to go back.

The hospital was restless this evening. There had been a few deaths and many wounded. The waiting rooms were filled with families and friends some already in pure grief and others still hoping for good news.

She searched every room using the shadows as her best ally. She saw many rooms with lights turned off but she was sure he had to be in a lit room. She climbed the walls and the balconies floor by floor, searching and observing each person she saw from the window view. Some things she didn't want to see so she quickly moved along, other things made her stay a moment or two as if watching a dramatic movie scene. She liked hospitals and she had been around before. She liked how people became something different, so much different then when they walked on the streets or sat at cafes. They were more alive here, they laughed and cried more often and it made her feel compassion for them. Sometimes on the news they were so cruel, destroying and killing their own kind but here they were sweet and soft with one another. She stopped when she realized she was watching his room. It wasn't difficult to realize it was his, there were three firemen in the room. She tried to read their lips. One of them said something like 'I can't believe it's him.' The others shook their heads. 'How?' the other continued and fear overtook her. Now they were going to ask questions, what if they'd know it was something that took him away? What if they'd realize it was her? Impossible they couldn't find out. Humans didn't know she existed...at least most of them. Don't worry, she said to herself. Stay calm. Her attention turned on the man laying in bed. He was still alive otherwise they wouldn't have brought him in a room like this one. Was he in pain? Was he going to be scared for life? She sat on the edge of the balcony watching his friends and watching the bed.


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